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'Shooting Up', stock market newspaper, archival inkjet, acrylic on canvas, board and tulipwood. 150 x 100cm / 2013 After Tulipmania, the first economic bubble over 370 years ago during the Dutch Golden era, the tulip flower’s symbolism of being the most high-status flower transformed in Still life Vanitas paintings to also represent the folly of humanity, civilisation and society. The alluring speculation of the Tulip, a transient beauty brought Holland to it’s knees economically where at it’s peak a bulb sold for more than a house, has parallels with our current global financial crisis as a cycle of repeated history. The Chinese vases hint at where the next bubble might be with flowers psychedelically depicted to suggest a delirious alternate reality. The still life is sometimes regarded as a passive genre but was an expression of what was the birth of modern capitalism with Holland’s trading power.

“I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me.”

Jorge Luis Borges (via fragilis)

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